I recently had a client that was doing great work, making great progress and really feeling like she was becoming more deeply aware of her emotional outbursts.  Then she conveyed to me that the day before we spoke she wasn’t feeling herself.  She had reached feelings of such despair and questioned  her being in this world!  That was when she realized she wasn’t herself.

She actually asked herself a few questions we had been practicing during our calls and she realized that the feelings she had were not hers.  While we were unsure of where this negativity surfaced, the greatest awareness was her realization of this.  We began to talk and I asked her if she had a protection or energetic detaching practice.  This might seem foreign to people that aren’t aware of their surroundings or how their surroundings can be exceptionally draining to their energy.  However, what this is, is a practice or action to create a force field to protect your energy from people, places or things that might drain you.  She is in customer service and a lot of interacting with a variety of personalities can really get to a person.  And let’s be honest, unless you are a hermit on top of a huge mountain, almost all of us interact with a variety of personalities that can really affect us on a day to day basis.

I know this seems strange but we take precautions on a day to day basis – like driving a car with your seat belt on; why not take the same precautions when interacting with individuals on a daily basis.

I remember when I was really young, I was always being told I was too emotional.  I was so empathetic and sympathetic to all the children around me and what they had going on.  Silly things like fights with other kids or not being able to share toys.  Come to find out, the emotions that I was holding onto were not always all from me, they just affected me.  I had no idea how to embrace what was true for me and what might be someone else’s frustrations – so they became all mine in some way.

If you feel you can be easily effected by the way others think or feel, this might be for you.

Here’s some practices I do before and after clients or if I’m feeling particularly emotionally raw.  These practices protect myself and/or detach from those I might have interacted with closely:

  1.  I’ll wash my hands with Himalayan salt.  I’ll think of them and say or think “thank you for their stock-photo-50543120-raw-pink-himalayan-sea-salttime, what they have shared and return what is not mine back to them with love, peace, and grace.”




  1.  With deep inhales, I’ll think of them and ask to be released with love and gratitude.  Then making a chopping action with my hands or with my forearms in front of my heart or if it feels really big, I’ll do the same action at my lower back.  Or anywhere you might feel tethered to them.stock-photo-42995974-woman-making-yoga-in-a-boardwalk


  1.  Protection practice every morning; at my altar I’ll take time to ground down and reach up to feel connected to both the earth and the heavens. I’ll picture this big blue bubble of protection slowly coming over me and as it does, the bubble acts as water to cleanse me and protect me.  While the bubble slowly moves to encapsulate my body I’m saying or thinking “I return what energy is not mine back to the universe with love, peace, grace and gratitude.”  Once the bubble feels as if it has encapsulated me, I let my arms come down and I breath deeply to bring new air into my lungs and I say “I am protected and within my own energy.”  (or something of that nature to just seal the protection around me.)

In the past I’ve used a ton of essential oils and made my own protection blends.  Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more work with my flower essences.  But if you want to know more, I’m happy to share.  Just click the “Contact” button above!