I wake up in the morning and if I dreamt the night before, I try to always write down what I remember before it escapes me. This morning as I was writing a letter feel out of my journal. I want to share this letter with you all now, to show you how the work of flower essences can allow change. Yes, I am an Celestial Guide that uses the stars for guidance but it is the flowers that get us to where we want to be. My sense is that my work and using Gloriosa Lily helped me to write this letter.

The uses of Gloriosa Lilly (according to Delta Gardens): for healing primary wounds of betrayal of father or a father figure.

When I went back this morning and read this, I realized the meaning of forgiveness, what it means to self-sooth and to really understand that being an empathic being isn’t wrong – it’s actually quite a gift.

Here is the letter I found I’d like to share that I wrote to myself on October 28, 2016:

“Dear Jennifer Lynn,
Sweetheart I’m so sorry you are sad. It actually makes me sad to see you this way. I want you to try to understand that how your dad reacted or anyone for that matter, is not your fault.

Do you remember the time when you mom slammed her fingers in the car door and you screamed and cried for her? Do you remember how calm and graceful she was to get you calmed down and in the car so she could go the the doctors? Well, her reaction was calm and collected. And your reaction was sacred and hurt. Each of you reacted differently to your mom slamming the door on herself. So when your father use to yell and scream and say nasty things – or even throw things – its not because your did anything wrong. Or that you did anything at all. It really was his own choice to react that way.

Additionally, the reason it feels like your own feelings is because you are a very gifted little girl. Your super power is you can feel. You can feel everything and everyone. In order to make sure you don’t get hurt – you need to trust that your own feelings and let the feelings/emotions that are not yours – well you need to let them go. Like watching water wash down a window.

If the feelings you are feeing are not yours – let them just wash through you and down into the ground. Always remember you are in control of your own emotions and how you choose to react, is your choice and only your choice. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to laugh, laugh – and don’t hold back.

I hope this makes sense little one. So no matter what the situation was with your dad both of you choose to react in a specific way. Unfortunately, the past has left very deep and emotional scars and beliefs causing you to feel sad. So from here on out I will give you full permission to cry. And when you are ready to react I want you to go deep inside and see what your heart feels and then use your smart brain to choose the words that will clearly express what you need or how you feel so that we can make you feel better. When you do this I promise you will feel happier and less alone or misunderstood. Whenever you’re able to tell me what you need, we’ll work on it together to get it. Sound good?

I love you, Jennifer. You are a super sensitive, gifted and smart being – this makes you quite a super hero. Remember your greatness!

With love, Jenn”

This letter was written almost six months before I was ready to really reveal what I was feeling deep down inside. It actually wasn’t released in great radiant irruptive expression until I was on a flower essence retreat in June. I plan to share more about that experience as well because it continues to show the work of these wonderful flower essences in the midst of an astrological grand trine in fire. In the mean time, just after this writing and very challenging October, I prepared another formula. One that entailed this other flower, Golden Amaranthus. She is used for letting go of over control and becoming aware of the power of the higher-self.

I share these stories with all of you because of the power flower essences, which is truly sacred plant medicine, have in helping us heal our emotional wounds.

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