This past week when I was with Greg to get his MRI, I ran into an old co-worker from the NRO.  It was oh so good to see her she was someone, in a world that was drenched in ego, that really understood me.  We spent time catching up on family members, to include our four legged ones.  And then she asked me, “are you happy?”
Oh my gosh! My reply to her was this.  “My word or theme for 2017 is Receive.  And surrounding that word were a few supporting words which are prosperous, flow, connection, fulfilled and centered.  So for the past few nights, not that everything has been perfect, I asked myself if I felt fulfilled.  And so far the answer has been yes every night before going to bed.  I guess, yes – I am happy.”  She just smiled and said “that’s so wonderful.  I knew you’d be happier.”

I went home thinking about my encounter with my old friend.  I’m pretty sure I came to this place by following my bliss.  Making decisions that felt good or made me happy and investing into things that allowed me to uniquely grow as a person and as who I truly am.  Now of course this had definitely not been a bed of roses.  Actually last year’s catch phase was “liberating disappointments” from a lack of boundaries, family stresses and not achieving where I felt I would be in my business.
I will say that the one thing I didn’t have as I was following my bliss was a clear idea of my own path or understanding of energy that could support me.  And since I did’t have this, I definitely wandered.  Although they say “not all those that wander are lost” I’m a chic who definitely digs a plan, doesn’t have to be a warn path but a plan is good.  Even when I working with my mentor, Debra Silverman, she was classic for saying to me “you need a plan Stan!”  Mind you, what this plan is not, is a detailed day by day forecast of to dos and tasks.  Been there done that and definitely did not feel too fulfilled.
So now that I’m here and often many nights feeling fulfilled, now what?   Now I’m on to really following the path of what I was meant to do in this world to do.  And as this article in CE highlights, so many individuals are depressed and disconnected.
    “The rise of depression and disconnectedness from life and meaning.  Most work is organized around process and efficiency, rather than around meaning, healthiness for natural systems, being of real service to real needs, rather than boosting sales for profit. But we want a career, so we don’t have time to challenge this idea. We rather secretly feel the pain. In careers which rationale condones damaging people and planet for profit in return for bonuses.”
So I’m here to serve my part to help those that feel his way.  My tools are not conventional but they are becoming more main stream. With them becoming more main stream they are also becoming very clouded.  So while doing my part to serve, I feel I’m doing my part to honor and keep the integrity of this sacred wisdom.
So if you are ready to find your own energetic path to achieving more this year.  And what I mean by achieving more is feeling more connection and meaning in your life then I invite you to click here to get your Modern Woman’s Guide to Sacred Wisdom for 2017!  Why not work with the energy that surrounds you instead of feeling like your fighting an uphill battle?