There’s a huge problem with women ignoring what the feel and then taking actions in the complete opposite direction.  As a result they become trapped, stressed and overwhelmed with various things in their life.  Things such as love, career, relationships, money, and of course their own health.  It’s honestly not their fault.  There have been so many things in their life that led them to this moment.


unnamed (2)It began when we were young girls.  We were always encouraged to be strong independent women and to preserve through everything.  “Warrior on” like a good woMAN would do and not let emotions get in the way.  News flash…we’re not MEN!  Young girls are fantastic females that have the power to feel and act on those feelings.  From the time we were young, many of us were told that those feelings would get us nowhere and nothing in life.


This weekend I was watching “Aloha” starring Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams.  (I get a lot of my deep thoughts and messages through the movies)  There was this scene where McAdams’ husband was communicating with Cooper through looks, facial expression and posture.  Very man like, I even think there was a little grunting and hitting going on.  McAdams used to date Cooper and she was telling him how frustrated she was that her husband would go away on these missions and come back with very little to say or show very little emotions.  (There was more to this story but not relevant here.)  I literally turned to my husband and said, “yep, that’s about right” and we just laughed.  That grunting or expression through no words works for men – it’s not for women.  Women are built to feel and express and it’s one of our greatest assets.

How do you know if you have totally numbed out and you are tumbling along in the chaos of life?  Have you ever been told that you are:unnamed (3)

  • Intimidating
  • Too bold
  • Not bold enough
  • Loud
  • Emotional
  • Insecure
  • “Push-over”

Or you experienced this:

  • You “push through” and later fall from exhaustion
  • You doubt your decisions
  • You “should” is a constant thought or how you begin a sentence
  • You’re missing the flirty fun factor in your everyday life
  • You have no idea what self-care is  
  • You’re all too familiar with self-sacrifice, resentment or guilt

As women we were meant to feel and from those feelings make our choices and take action.  For instance, back in the primal days if a woman didn’t feel safe – she wouldn’t take her sisters out into the field to pick berries.  We (women) have the most keen sense of intuition and yet we’ve been told that it’s not useful, it’s bad or it’s meaningless because that’s not what society expects of us.unnamed (1)

The epidemic has to do with a lot of masculine energy in women with an imbalance of feminine energy.  As women our feelings are our intuition and family, friends, career or society has told us that these feelings are not valid or are useless in this world.  That is why there is so much fatigue, depression, addiction to food and chronic pain in women.  We’ve put such a high value on drive, achievements, and production (the masculine outcomes) that the expression of the feminine has been numbed out in us.

This world doesn’t need a better man but an empowered woman. An empowered woman is a woman that has a keen sense of her needs, desires and what is most important to being successful in her life (and it’s not everything).  It begins with how she feels.

This epidemic only needs a simple shift that is completely achievable.  In order to make this shift you truly have choice and there are Three Keys to an Invigorating Life.  First it takes deepening your awareness and being truly honest with yourself – do you consistently live in any of the experiences mentioned above?  Do you remember a time in your life when it was filled with more freedom, fun and expression?  What was different then?

Second, spend some time with how you really feel.  Are you tired?  Stressed?  Pushing to get everything done to satisfy everyone else?  Then ask yourself – What would feel really good to you right now?

Lastly, take action.  What can you do to make this happen?  A day off from work to escape for a walk in the park, place the fresh cut flowers your bought for yourself on your desk, use your boldness to say “no” to an invitation or lock the door and completely submerge yourself into the most lavish bath filled with rose petals or lavender.

These are the simple steps to start to deepen into your awareness and use your feelings as a way to guide you through your day.  Seems simple and yet how often do you take action to make any of it happen? Rarely if never.

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