I was hoping this year would start off with an amazing bang of focus, drive and determination. And when I think about it, it did but dwindled rather quickly. At the beginning of the year I was making head way in what I wanted to create as new offering in my business, I attended a New Year New You retreat and left with a clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish from redecorating the house, to programs I wanted to create in my business and I was back at the gym full force! Everything was getting ticked off the “to do calendar of 2017” just perfectly.

At the end of February I had a aquired a touch of the sniffles, nothing that essential oils, home made cough drops and tea couldn’t kick. I didn’t loose any steam. But before I knew it by mid March when I closing out my winter program clients and getting ready for a new program launch everything came to a screeching halt. That small touch of the sniffles had grown into a sinus infection and severe bronchitis. What?!?! Things were going so well. Ugh!

So at that point I thought “ok, I’ve done a lot of work so far. My planing ahead would payoff.” I felt and thought “not a problem I can afford a week of rest and recovery.” But that week actually ended up being three weeks!!! Three weeks of movies, sleeping in a incline recliner (because I couldn’t even lay down in bed without coughing my head of)f and taking so much energy just to make food, eat and then go back tp sleep for two or three more hours. Nothing else, no energy to do anything!!! My biggest FOMO was missing my dear friend blaze forward at the gym by having a great time connecting and burning it up. My biggest stressor was nothing was getting done on that awesome plan of action I set up in January, Ugh!

After three weeks I was determine to get back to it. Spring was just around the corner and in my mind I felt I was ready to ease back into life. I’d start by booking my calendar, making networking appointments, teaching classes and my favorite thing to do – see my buddies at the gym. One week of this and the only struggled I felt was my in ability to breathe deeply but I did my best to manage it with cough drops, tea and essential oils once again. By the end of that week I was wheezing and coughing my head off again. This time I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest and that I had taken punches from four different directions of my body.

Within 24 hours I felt that I need to go to the ER – why did I feel so bad, I was just managing everything so well and I was even back at the gym! I was coughing and so uncomfortable I was concerned it might be pneumonia. Thankfully it wasn’t pneumonia but a respiratory infection nonetheless. Really?!?! Can I just get a break? I actually contemplated whether I could make it to the gym later that week. But my husband gently reminded me that doing that would not be a good idea and more rest was needed. More rest?!?! I might as well just give up by now. My frustrations were getting the best of me. It’s official, I’ve lost any momentum of doing anything and I might as well just give up!

While these were the thoughts that filled my mind, the loudest message I was getting was “Jenn, you need to do nothing!” It only took a day to realize, that I REALLY NEEDED to do NOTHING. After speaking to a sister of mine, she helped me realized that if I did nothing, it didn’t mean I’d loose everything. And even if I did nothing, if I took things day by day and checked in with myself to see how I was feeling, my days of doing nothing may not last as long as I thought it would. (however, doing nothing and resting lasted about a week and half more!)

The truth is with all my frustrations, irritations and wanting to give up – by actually doing nothing it gave me more space to heal, reflect on what I really wanted to create of my business, what was most important to get done around the house and even helped resolve some decisions that I had been wresting with for awhile. The best invitation I got while doing nothing was being invited to participate in a retreat where I’m going to have the chance to do an astrology lesson with some flower essence practitioners, two of my favorite things in the whole world! I also received a guest mentor opportunity to speak to a group of women about their astrological charts and share the magic of astrology and my own wisdom. So by doing nothing, I received some thing. What? That’s amazing!

My lesson this time around is “something really does come of doing nothing” or maybe it’s the old saying of “making something out of nothing” really did come true!!! What it got me was opportunities!!! While this is really the first post for me this year, I’d invite you to stay tuned for so more inner wisdom from all my time in front of the TV deep diving into movies and – you got it – resting. You can join me by clicking here:

Either way, I’m glad to be on the mend, and feeling I am coming out of this rest and recovery season. I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy some of the spring blossoms. Be sure to get connected because I’ll be hosting a May Day Gathering that is just around the corner! By clicking the image you’ll be taken to my FB page where some inside scoops and preparation for this event will also take place. Hope to see you soon!