I recently revealed a brand new website with my new offerings.  This project was something I was so proud of.  I had actually spent a lot of time over the summer working with my developer to get it as I wanted and we even finished it almost a full month before the launch.  I worked and I prayed for the most spacious and easeful process during this time.  I even consulted another amazing astrologer to select the most auspicious timing to reveal my baby to the world.  I had everything planned and set in motion and was feeling quite good about it ALL.  My desires for ease and space really were provided for me.  And then…

About two weeks before I was going to launch my new website, a situation in our family came up. It was rather quickly that my father in law was diagnosed with needing to have triple bypass heart surgery. The turnaround time period from his diagnosis to surgery was about a week. Smack in the middle of my epic plan to reveal myself to work.  Once again I thought I had everything figured out!

Well, not so much. I have Saturn in Cancer. What that life lesson means is in this lifetime I am meant to learn how to take care of my energetic body and my own boundaries so that I don’t sacrifice myself for others.  I’ll tell you what, I was an expert at self sacrifice for 36 years, I’m 40 now.  Part of my own healing journey was rooted in realizing that I was worthy and that i mattered.  Then just before my reveal, I found myself sacrificing my time and my body for the care of others – again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I will tell you as I tell my husband, I would do anything for the well-being of my father-in-law.  He’s been the caretaker of the family all his life, so it’s his turn now.  So how have things been going for me so far?

I actually started eating a lot worse. My husband and I were having to eat out more than we had been after losing 30 pounds over the past four months.  Late nights, long travel to the hospital had us eating out more.  We’re still feeling the heaviness of the food e’ve been consuming creep up on us and remain in our centers.  Not to mention with the added stress of concern for his father’s recovery.

I was also pretty tired this week and missed two of my workouts because I overslept.  Since I had the freedom to run around and flex my schedule unlike the rest of the family, I found myself staying up late working on things for the reveal. I rarely got any sort of down time to rejuvenate myself. after a long day of driving all over northern Virginia, visiting with my father in law, engaging with the doctors in support of my mother in law and of course just minimally taking care of the things in our own home.

I really thought I was on top of things until I noticed me missing workouts and feeling heavier.  Let me let you in on a little bit about my own psyche which gave me the awareness that things were a bit out of control.

I am extremely good at putting a plan together and taking actions to get things done. My mercury is in Capricorn.  It means that I can think through a plan, I can plan it out, I have no problem taking charge and I have high expectations, mostly for myself. Couple that with my Saturn in Cancer with a tendency to sacrifice what needs to get done at the expense of taking care of myself – is exactly what’s been happening. 

While this go round of supporting my in-laws has not been nearly as bad as in the past, there have been some things I’ve done for myself to course correct these sacrifices.   When I missed a workout, I was truly thankful we had a gym downstairs. I was proud of myself for doing some cardio and a couple circuits of training. The food was the most challenging and it still is.  Even when we’d go out to dinner and my choices consisted of a fried food or a dessert, I didn’t feel as guilty about these choices because I would always take time to  eat breakfast at home and pack a proper lunch to go to the hospital.

The lesson I want to relay is that despite having a plan, nothing ever goes as planned.  And when that happens, what can you do to manage your boundaries and take care of what you need for your own wellbeing? 

When you think things are figured out, there is always a life curve ball.  The more fluid, trusting and not judging you can be of yourself and the situation – the more easeful and graceful things will go in the process of life challenges.

So today even though I had a list of about seven to ten things I needed to get done, I asked myself “what are the top two I could really get done today” given the fact I wanted to go visit and play cards with my father in law.  And life isn’t about how much you get done, it’s what you do.  I know that playing crazy eights with my father in law was the best choice for his road to recover and for me to feel deeper sense of connection with him.

What will you do when life throws you a curve ball?  Being able to know yourself more intimately is a key to your success to be able to flow with it.  You can actually deepen that awareness by understanding your natal/birth astrology chart.  And in celebration of my new website reveal, you now have a chance to win a free reading with me.  Just go here: