It’s been about two months since I have written a blog.  So much has transpired over the last two months.  In this story I want to share just

When I last left you I was on my way to Bali.  I knew that Bali was going to be a monumental experience for me this year.  In the first quarter of 2015 my father passed and traveling was intense.  Then all of a sudden my retreat to Bali unleashed the unexpected.

JennBali5What I discovered in Bali wa few highlights of these months and the blogs to follow will just be deeper thoughts of what evolved from these the lineage to my past.  I had never been to Asia.  This was a big deal for me because I’m Filipino but adopted by caucasian typical Mid-Westerners.  I basically had no exposure of my culture that I’m actually genetically tied to.  Of course this explains my love of red meat and country music – ha!  When I set foot outside the airport in Bali, I found myself feeling swaddled in love and a welcoming embrace.  Usually I would freak out not knowing the language and being in a foreign land.  However, that feeling of love and welcome allowed me to just be received by the land.  I had a local guide during the time I wasn’t with my sisters on retreat.  That made me feel at ease and it allowed me to really interact with the native islanders.


Every where I would go or spend tiJennBali6me sight-seeing or interacting with the locals, they would ask my guide “where is she from?” and make a reference to my skin.  Then when I would answer they would smile and say, “ah sama sama,”  meaning “same same.”  I began to feel at home.  I began to see the land as home and I felt a deep connection to the ways of the islanders.  As I learned more about the culture, I would think to myself – oh my gosh, that makes so much sense as to why I do some of the things I do. For instance, Balinese have a love and dedication to community.  The villagers are one big family even if they aren’t blood.
The land has 1,000 temples where everything is sacred or full of intent.  This reminded me of my own deep belief of gratitude/God/Unknown and why when I actually commit to things, there is a full intent of why I’m taking action in my heart.  Lastly, the foodie in me would be remiss if I didn’t mention my obsession of having multiple sauces to shower my food, is just like the immense amount of joy and love that goes into cooking and Indonesia’s unique sought after spices. While I realize that some of this seems so superficial at first glance, I just can’t explain the safe, security, loving and at peace feeling I felt while in Bali.


JennBali2After I left Bali, I began to really question, “How the heck did I get into the line of business I’m in?!?!”  I didn’t go to school for this, it certainly wasn’t the way I was raised growing up. Topics like “energetics” or feelings were certainly NOT talked about in my household.  As a claimed healer, I began to wonder, what were the traditional healing arts of Indonesia or The Philippines.  This lead me to searching for any and every book that might give me some clue.  There aren’t many books on the healing arts in the Philippines but what I could find, I bought!  I also went back to some genetic testing results to verify ( what really is my genetic lineage.  That verified me to be about 92% Fillipino, 5% Indonesian, and 3% Indigenous Indian from South American.  Crazy!!


My studying and research is continuing and each time I sit down to dedicate some time, I discover something new.  I’ve embraced the meaning of healing arts to me as “all the health sciences and also forms of alternative medicine that are aimed to remedy disease, heal injury and promote overall wellness.  The healing arts theories and underpinnings include biology and chemistry to magic and elements of philosophy.”  The healing arts are techniques and tools that have been around for hundreds of years and we’ve just forgotten how to use them.  I also want to just note that I do also believe western medicine definitely serves its purpose in this day and age, and that the healing arts are a huge compliment to our daily lives in order to avoid drastic health measures.


Sukawati village"s Famous Balinese healer, Pak Cokorda Gde Rai

Sukawati village”s Famous Balinese healer, Pak Cokorda Gde Rai

I’ve read that healers in the Islands were known as herbalists, “bone setters”, obstetricians, shamans and spiritual healers.  They were the ones that the villagers sought after for healing, helping and praying. This is where my passin about the body’s energetics, healing and my deep devotion to my spiritual work stems.  This is deeply and genetically rooted in me.  My affirmation and belief has only grown stronger.  I realized that this part of me was never really revealed to me until the passing of my father and a trip to Bali.

This is just the beginning of me sharing and deepening this with all of you.  More to come on things like:

How saying “No” gives you space to do more

How Astrology brought words to behaviors and themes in my life

Why flower essences helped me release emotions of a Highschool DUFF

and Birth to a vision as a healing arts advocate and how you can be apart of it