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It’s the Aquarian Age!!!
What does that mean?

It’s an interesting and unique time to be alive. See, there’s a rise in the collective consciousness and with that shift there’s a lot of questions and radical changes rising up ready to burst out.

What does a “rise in the
collective consciousness” mean?

Let me paint this picture for you…

All your life you’ve been told what you should or shouldn’t do. That in order to be successful you need to follow this path. Pushing through life to achieve, don’t ask questions just go, you’ll be fine. You’ve been on this path and you tell yourself it’s great and yet you want something more. You can’t explain it. All of a sudden certain material items don’t mean as much to you any longer, you’re wanting to live for today instead of planning for tomorrow has more weight than gold or you are so fed up with the mundane routine that it’s time for a change, but where do you begin?

Welcome lovely lady, this is the rise in the collective consciousness and the Aquarian Age. I support the fast-paced, high-spirited aspiring woman to breakthrough guilt, doubt and pain to gain the self – confidence needed to step into your soul’s desire and experience a life of extraordinary possibilities.

“Memory is the scribe of the soul”


These women are thriving and vibing and yet remain lost in circular chaos of life.

Your last stop on the
numbing chaos train is right here!

You can remember and uncover the secrets to feeling alive in your body, strong in your relationships (all relationships from love, family, career, even food and money!) and make choices that help you thrive instead of leaving you depleted, obligated and guilty inside.

It’s time to bring back the passion, adventure and bring
clarity into your life as your consciousness rises!

Does this sound like you?

You desire to be…

  • Confident and clear in all your decisions…
  • Trust what you see, hear and feel…
  • Feel safe, more secure and comfortable in your own body…
  • Proud of who you are exactly where you’re at…
  • Free from your own judgments and feelings of obligations (no more weight on your shoulders)…
  • Adventurous with ability to explore your care-free creativity…
  • Appreciated for all that you do on a daily basis
  • Receiving support that really gets you the results you want (ahh sweet relief) …

Instead you feel stuck experiencing:

  • Worry about what others think of you
  • Guilt in regards to not completing your to-do list
  • Regrets of missed dreams or experiences in your life
  • Resistant to receiving any support for fear of looking weak
  • Vicious cycle of a dull and mundane routine day-in and day-out
  • Lack of energy and patience to help or support those you love
  • Resentment towards others you care for as you sacrifice your time, energy, wants or needs

I get it, I’ve been there. I use to worry that I wasn’t enough to have the things I really wanted in life.

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I welcome the excitement, curiosity, doubt, tension, resistance, fear, guilt and anger that comes with this personal development. What I discovered and still believe to my core is that our physical well-being in this world correlates to our emotional health. What we feel or think impacts our physical body. It’s not the other way aournd. The answer is not putting a band-aid on the hurt, disconnecting from the pain or ignoring things in hopes they will be different without taking action to change.

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We begin with the 3 Keys to an Invigorating Life.

They are...

I deal in holistic health remedies, emotions and magic. We begin with unlocking deeper awareness by using Astrology. The natal chart or birth chart gives me a sense of where your mental or current psyche resides. The natal chart is an amazing tool and it gives us three different perspectives. One lens shows me your mental psyche, another shines light on your lessons and purpose this life and the last lens can reveal your actual body’s physical strengths, weaknesses and pre-dispositions.

So rad-ical!

Some may think this is crazy, weird and maybe hogwash. Don’t believe me, let me share some testimonials with you:

“I was somewhat of a late bloomer in many aspects of my life, so it was not until I hit 40 last year where I was really open to digging inward quite deeply.   Being someone who has experienced their fair share of trauma, beginning in early childhood which led to heavily partying all thru my 20’s while holding down a high-powered corporate career, ultimately resulting in a nervous breakdown in my early thirties. I spent the rest of my thirties completely riddled with guilt, shame, fear, sadness, disgust—to name a few, causing major depression, severe anxiety and multiple health issues.   You can not put a price on emotional transformation. The inner work Jenn has helped me with has resulted in major personal growth, and the entire process has been astounding – not only to myself, but to my close friends and family. One of the first things Jenn told me was that over the next few months my focus was to be on me – without guilt.   Working with Jenn is really where I became astutely aware of how much I did not truly love myself. Jenn’s tips and tools she gave me were innumerable. I am eternally grateful that Jenn came into my life and shared her vast wisdom with me. Jenn is an extremely spiritual intuitive, and I am proud of all the work I have accomplished – thanks to her loving guidance and her strong hand in mine.   If you find yourself caught on the sick cycle carousel, and you are ready to pull your boots up and do some work with Jenn, then you will find your inner emotional landscape of your life completely transformed which has an immense impact on your external world. Buckle up your seatbelt because you are in for the best ride of your life.”

- Leah McAllister @ Morning Coach

"During my astrology session with Jenn, I felt held, loved and taken care of on a whole new level. Jenn has this magical, mystical ability to see between our earth experiences and that which is beyond this realm, explaining it in the most digestible and even humorous way. We laughed, I cried. It was an entire experience. Eye opening. Heart warming. Soul expanding.   I'm going through a lot of BIG changes right now, so Jenn was able to slow me down, get me to breathe into the moment and guide me through what's going on in my world on a planetary level. After our session, I felt calmer and more embodied. In many ways, she helped me find myself again - in just a one hour session. Jenn is truly a modern day medicine woman, a REAL healer. I trust her deeply and cannot recommend her more!

- Katie DePalo @ Inner Glow Circle

Each woman is unique, fierce and graciously feminine.

I teach, guide and take you to amazing depths in order for you to arise free, healthy and GRACEFULLY strong. We are such amazing beings that if we just take a moment, breathe, appreciate all aspects of our lives and allow ourselves to receive what we need –

Boom! … An extraordinary life emerges.

This is my FAVORITE quote that supports the way modern medicine and integrative health is evolving.

The tools I use in my practice are ancient but I apply it to today’s modern needs. I’ve been mentored by some of the most forward-leaning practitioners. (You can discover more about them here)‌. And it comes down to learning and implementing daily tools for prevention in order to feel at your optimal well-being. *Note, often it doesn’t come with a script or is covered by insurance. It’s a choice and investment you take for yourself.

Now, for those other 2 Keys to an Invigorate Life, well they depend on you. This is where the journey is explored by you with a gentle, loving hand from me. I’ve shared with you how to open the first door, are you ready to walk through the next ones? Forewarning… If the time isn’t now, no worries, in my experience of it not now the Divine forces will humble you at some point and I’ll still be here.

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For those of you that are ready to journey on, let’s do this.

I’m always up for a great adventure of ups and downs, light and darkness.

Now, because if you’ve gotten this far, something intrigues you and you may not be able to explain it.  That’s perfectly awesome. If you want to skip the Discover Session and jump right into finding deeper clarity, really work through the emotions and get back to feeling – and I mean feeling like you belong in this world, that you have a voice and that you are important. Then you may want to work with my favorite energetic beauties – Flower and Gem Essences. So since you’ve gotten this far and my sense is you are curious about how to really make life your own – let’s do a quick jam session on how that may be possible! We’ll see if you’re really wiling to do the work and show up for yourself during these sessions.

Remember, the 3 Keys to an Invigorated Life are awareness, choice and action.

The choice is up to you to take action to stop the vicious cycle of fast paced, ragged life hoping that the outcomes for you will be different.

Which Adventure will You Choose?

Discover what the stars have in store for you OR Dive deep into the essence of you