Sometimes with oppositions of the planets in the sky can create tensions in our lives.  When we have a full moon setting, it is an opposition between the sun and moon in the sky.  My sense is there is a strong energy going on right now of individuals seeing things in their lives as the way they should be or as we would want them to be.  This full moon can create a delusional emotion that everything right now needs to be perfect, especially since Mercury, ruler of our thoughts, is conjunct the Sun.  However, the more subtle energy that wants to shine through is the realization that our dreams can come true if we take the time to plan, organize and trust we got this.

I’d love to share a story of how this appeared from a recent part of my life.  Over the summer leading into August, I revealed my re-branded website.  I provided lots of content and the feedback I received from friends and followers was very positive. I also received confirmed positive feedback with the growth of engagement and connections with people both in person and on online. It was super fun. Then when my father in law’s poor health began to bring tensions and challenges in to my life, my energy and focus was drawn to care-taking and support in the family.  (This was tension and challenge in itself of for me in practicing good boundaries.)  I reached a point early in September that something had to give. The momentum I had from my reveal needed to be put on hold.  My poor mind went, “What? You’re crazy!”  I struggled with doubt and judgement for a couple of weeks.  I was deceiving myself that I could manage it all.  Well that was until I was realized I was super tired, feeling really jittery, and anxious and just kept asking for a break.  So I asked myself, “Why don’t I take a break?”

Since then I’ve been slightly shifting my thoughts and focus with this energy of the Full Moon. This is my first mass communication since the reveal.  Part of me is like, “No one is going to care. Who’s going to listen? Who’s going to read this?” The other part of me is like, “No, remember, this is just a pause.  It’s not that you are giving up.  Heck it may even just be a moment where you’re recreating a new plan to move forward”   Then I thought, “What are the things that help me feel the greatest?  What things can I do to ensure I feel most supported and grounded even through the most challenging of situations in my past experiences?” That was what I needed to put into place and my test would be not to sacrifice them as these changes were happening.


For me, I began shifting things by doing the following, and not everyday, but at least one or two of them everyday.
1) 30 minutes of meditation – Fully laying on the floor supported by the earth and added my favorite crystals to just ground me either all around me or even on points on my body
2) Applying essential oils to my father in law’s feet – I used Balance Citrus Bliss and Serenity Essential Oils to his feet and As I did this, I would also reap the benefits of breathing in the essential oils as I was in service.
3) Dose of flower essences – Before leaving the house I would pull things from the protection kit and the manifestation kit of my flower essences.  As I took each drop I would take a moment to taste how that felt as it entered my body.
That’s it. That’s what helped get me grounded. That’s what’s allowed me to make these shifts to realize I can do this. That just because I took a pause or I’m on a pause, doesn’t mean I won’t achieve what I truly desire in my business.
This brings me to the next aspect of this message.
The flower essence formula in support of a full moon forecast.  Depending on your own astrological elemental distribution, one or all of these may apply.
Before I leave you, I just want to let you to know that even though the full moon can create tension, it can also create a loving, bright, celebratory energy.
There are other aspects that support this full moon at this point in time. There’s a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energies we can call upon if we ever feel a bit unbalance through these tensions or challenges.  If we just embrace them both, we can be very successful in what we desire.  Right now there is a desire to create change and we can ease fully move through that change with a strong sense of self and it is possible for us to sustain a long lasting impact during these transitions.  Lastly, even though the moon is opposite the sun, which indicates the full moon, understanding or allowing the thought of how we can show up to serve others be part of what we dream of accomplishing.  As yourself, “Do I want to change the feeling I’m having or the life I’m living? If so, how can that be done with love for ourselves or others?”
After reading this, if you are curious about knowing more about how the energies of the stars may effect you or how using flower essences can help during these transitions, sign up for a 30 minute or 60 minute astrology reading by clicking here.