Just recently I have deeply emerged in planning our wellness event coming this August.  I found myself looking back over the past two months and it was a blur.  A really stressful blur.

I hadn’t been journaling my experiences. I left out my morning meditation.  And when I finally landed at home I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome!

How did that happen?  I’m a fairly balanced person and understand the value of self- care.

I then realized on a relaxing car ride with my husband,that  just because you know what to do to take care of yourself, doesn’t mean you choose to do it.

So this week I decided to celebrate the freedom I value so much.  I found myself unplugging from all devices, being with friends, sitting in nature and taking a ride through the countryside.

This expression of freedom and being carefree is a practice and I’ve now learned even amongst the hustle and bustle of work, family and other obligations…I have to remember to feel the breeze and be free a little more.  More than just every month or when you …

Here’s some suggestion for being childlike to ensure you practice self-care.  I encourage you to Elevate You to take some time to play, to recharge and be free:

  • Look for unique rocks in a cool water stream
  • Set up a hopscotch board with chalk
  • Jump in a puddle of water with both feet
  • Color/Paint
  • DIY arts and crafts projects – Get some childlike inspiration from Pinterest boards
  • What did you love to do as a child for fun?  Can you re-create that now?

July 30 - Color Pencils and Watercolor Paints                       July 30 Hula Hooping