Recently I was at a party enjoy the sun, fun and fireworks.  I got into this great conversation about what I do for a living.  A lot of people see me as a healer or energy worker.  While this is true, it’s not the only thing I provide to my clients.

I love to geek out with people about the nutrients that they feed their body and what supplementation is best for them.  I got my first understanding of supplementation when I became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor many moons ago.  And I re-visited this topic when I was in my holistic health coaching program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I truly believe you are probably missing essential nutrients for your body despite how clean or balanced you eat.  

I’ve been studying with Dr. J Dunn and her recent developments about the Methylation Pathway of the body has further convinced me of this belief and need for supplementation.  That is, discovering the right supplementation FOR YOU.  The Methylation Pathway allows your genes to express or not express (depending on the situation).  Genes express or don’t express means that your body chemistry (or physical function of your body) can change.  You can go from feeling well to having headaches. You can go from being strong to all of a sudden extremely weak depending on how the genes express.  The methylation pathway also plays a part in the body’s detoxification process, builds and metabolizes neurotransmitters (like serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, etc), processes hormones, builds immune cells, repairs DNA, and produces energy.  You can see it’s very important to our everyday function.

Through Dr J’s muscle testing technique, Wholistic Kinesiology, I’ve been exploring exactly what supplementation I or my clients really need to support their own system.  One of the things that has personally helped me identify what my body needs has been the information I received from genetic testing.  This test told me exactly what genetic SNiPs I possess in my DNA that express or could be activated.  SNiPs relate to genes mentioned earlier.  SNiP stands for “Single nucleotide polymorphisms” and are the “most common type of genetic variation among people. Each SNiP represents a difference in a single DNA building block, called a nucleotide.”  Genetic variation also means what or how that gene might express or not express as mentioned earlier.  While this genetic test is not entirely necessary, it is something I encourage my clients to look into.  

So I know this feels like a lot of “heady” knowledge and you are probably wondering what the hell do I do with all of it?  Well here’s an example.

I’ve been committed to putting together the Elevate You event, to the point I’ve been obsessed.  During this time I’ve been under a lot of stress, holding huge expectations, being reactive to things vs proactive and I haven’t been doing the self-care techniques I usually embrace.  So I have been feeling completely exhausted.

The result, adrenal fatigue and knocking out my thyroid function!

The remedy to getting back on my feet has been more space to play, which I wrote about last week.  AND revisiting my supplement program to support this fatigue and get my physical system back online.  I would not had known what to do or what to test for without the knowledge of Wholistic Kinesiolgy or the effects of balancing the methylation pathways.  

My program right now consists of supplementation like:

  • Nutra West’s Adreno Lyph 80, Complete K, Manganese GC and Vitamin D3 400
  • ITI’s Indoplex
  • Thorne’s Vitamin A
  • Pure’s Osteo Balance, Ribose, B Complex Plus and
  • Biotics Phosphatidylcholine and BioMega 3

August 13 Supplements

The genetic SNiP that is expressing the most for me right now is my VDR SNiP.

I can honestly say that after putting such physical stress on my body, I’m just now getting my feet back on the ground and physically starting to feel much better to be able to focus and have more energy.

If you are interested in learning more, I’m excited to host Dr. J Dunn at our Elevate You event on August 22, 2015.  Or you can simply click the “Contact” button in the main menu and drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you!